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My accountant just called. Taxes are done and e-filed. Yippy!!! Now we wait. Hopefully not too long for our federal refund so that we can pay the "loan sharking" rates of our city taxes. Thank God for reciprocity other wise we'd be really screwed!

I just love my city. Not only do they have the highest tax rate in the county, our accountant told us it's also the highest in the state. Not bad for bad schools and bad service. Then again, I forgot it's the government. Small scale, but still government.
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Just got back from our accountant. My freelance work is not going to kill me this year. WOOHOO, Amen, Hallelujah, Mazel Tov, and any thing else you can think of!!!!!

I don't have to pay FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax Act) and My FICA - both parts (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) is going to be A LOT LESS than I though because of my work related expenses. I brought my profits down (and yes I AM cheering over that!). Hubby and I can file Married-Joint. YAY!!!


*Doing Happy Dance*


Mar. 25th, 2009 10:21 pm
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Finally dug out the last of the receipts for our taxes. At this point, I hope we get a refund on our federal so that we can pay our local. I really HATE tax season!
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Just talked to my account. I have an appointment on Thursday. Oh, FUCKING joy! I really do love our accountant, It's just the major hit I'm going to take from the freelance work I did last year. My oh so large (<$5,000) that I made is going to get chopped big time. By that I mean Federal, State, Local, FUTA & FICA (both parts).

I'm not too thrilled with the tax code now as it is, but Uncle Obama and his resident Tax Cheat Geithner will make it harder for me and other Independent Contractors/freelancers. Bullshit that I going to get a tax break. Freelancers don't get tax breaks. Independent Contractors like me get screwed every which way possible.

Just talking to my accountant today, she told me of some of the items that I can include this year that I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO NEXT YEAR!!!!! How does that help the Fucking middle income family.

I'm Pissed!!!


Mar. 23rd, 2009 06:13 pm
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Called my accountant today. She must be ready to pull her hair out. Office manager said she took the day off. Don't blame her! Will call again tomorrow to set up time to see her and get our taxes done. Might as well get one last tax refund before Obama's "Hope and Change" take effect.


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