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*Happy Dance*

I finally got my baby back!!!

My mac is home safe and sound with a new mother board/graphics card and now it works GREAT!!!

No more computer withdrawal!
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Ok, I've taken my mac into the Apple Store for the second time in a week. This time it was for a catastrophic failure. Apparently the graphics card that my mac uses has a defect that Apple issued a service bulletin for. Unfortunately, you won't know if your mac has a defective card until it actually goes south. Well, mine did! And it's not just a simple switch of the card. No, my baby is a MacBook Pro that has the graphics card soldered to the mother board. This "defect" basically makes the mother board toast. OH JOY!!!

So, now, I have no mac for at least a week while it gets sent out for the repair since they do not keep the part in stock. And to add insult to injury, the toasted mother board also toasted the fans that cool said mother board. At this rate, I'll have a new mac without having to buy a new mac with all the stuff that has been replaced so far.

Thank God hubby has a working mac that I have temporarily commandeered.

Laptop Woes

Oct. 6th, 2009 04:00 pm
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Just got a call from the Apple Store. My new WiFi card is in, ready and waiting for me to bring this sucker in. The only bad thing about it that, they said it would take three to five days before I get this thing back.

So, Now I'm going through the boring ritual of clearing out over 6000 files (already backed up to other medium) from one HD so that I can back up my laptop. Nothing like waiting several hours for the backup to be done. I'll have tons of client files (all video and audio), my kids' home work and another ton of miscellaneous files that I won't be able to get access to until hubby gets home and I steal his Mac away from him. Which the odds of that happening are slim to none. (He's as much of a Mac head as I am, actually more so.)

The thing that pisses me off is, I know were the card is located on this thing and I know how to install it. But if I want to do it myself, I'll void the warranty. I know putting the card in DOES NOT take 3-5 days, 2-3 hours at most.

UGH! Why can't they just say to bring it in first thing in the morning and you get it back in the afternoon!

At least I don't have any pressing projects (ones that are due within the next week or so), so I do have some time to do without it. I just don't like being without it.

It's times like this that I wish I had a better backup Mac than the one I do have. An old, loaded Mac G4 desktop is not my ideal Mac anymore. Do get me wrong, I can still do my work from that one, it just takes 4 times longer to get files rendered from it. And that it is wasted time!
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Dropped it off at 2:00 this afternoon, got a call at 4:30. Mac is all better now and I can pick it up.

I Love The Guys At The Apple Store!

Who says you have to wait for repairs! I now have a new optical drive and my Mac 100% again.
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Later today I'm taking my beloved Mac to the Apple Store for a long needed repair. I've been holding out as long as possible, mostly because I can't live (or work, well that one is suspect) without it. So as of today, I'm going for a little "petty theft". I'm borrowing Hubby's Mac until I get mine back.

It needs a new DVD drive and I've been doing enough editing the last couple of months, that I've never found the right time to take it in. Until now.

Hubby told me that he doesn't need his Mac for work or at work for a week or so, so he said I no longer have any excuse for holding on to it. It not like he doesn't have the same software that I do (he does and then some). It's just not my machine. I like certain things setup one way and I won't be able to do that with his machine.

I know it's stupid, but with the work I do, I need to be efficient. I can't go looking around his machine all the time for apps, fonts (no he doesn't activate all of his fonts) or constantly change settings to apps that fit what I'm working on.

Hopefully it won't take too long for my "baby" to get back.


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