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Well, I just finished my entry in the Communication Arts 50th Annual juried photography competition. Entry and photos are submitted, now the long wait begins.

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CommArts has extended their deadline!!!

Now I don't have to kill myself with the color correction file and can take my time a do it right!

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I am finally done with the chiropractor. From now on, I only have to see him if I do something stupid again! He does want me to do some P.T., but that's okay.

Baby girl is ill, sleeping, so no school today for her.

Now I can finish working on my photos. I have until midnight to upload and pay the entry fee. Color correction is NOT going as well I thought it would. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I decided to submit a series of Lightning shots I took, but the original color correction file for them got corrupted. So I'm trying to re-create it, but it's all wrong.

I'm really worried.


Mar. 5th, 2009 03:24 pm
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Is it Friday yet? ... No! ... Damn!

At least I'm done for the day with the kid's schooling. I wonder if I go to sleep now, will hubby make dinner or just wake me up when he gets home ... ?

UGH! Just remembered, I still have to correct my photographs for submission.

Nah, I'll do it later.
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*Head Desk*

It's competition time again. I'm trying to figure out what Photos to submit to Communication Arts Magazine ... again. This year, I'm trying to gather a series of photos instead of a single photo for consideration. I have until midnight, Friday to get my act together.

This is the fourth time I'm entering. You'd think by now I'd figure out to get my entry in early. NO ... I'M INSANE!!! I have to wait til the last minute.

So, now, I'm pulling my hair out, leaving forehead marks on my desk, and going cross-eyed looking at photos.

*Head Desk ... Again*


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