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Now I have to think of different gift...

Went out to Wally World (Walmart) earlier this evening to buy some yarn for a scarf I was going to make for my Mother-in-law, only to find that the yarn I so loved is no longer sold there. This, in itself, didn't bug me as Walmart does change it's yarn stock every couple of months or so, so I figured I'd go to the crafts store near there at get the stuff from them. The only problem with that was they no longer carry it either.

Having totally failed my mission of the night, I went on the manufacturer's website to buy it online. Only now I find out they discontinue it.

This is the fourth time a yarn that I love, meaning it's specialized but can be used to make a lot of different things, gets discontinued. What is it with these guys! They bring out a yarn, and less than 2 years later it's discontinued.

Now, I know yarn goes in and out of fashion, but seriously, 2 years is not that long a time to totally kill the style. Figure out which colors are selling and which are not. Kill the ones not selling and give the remaining ones some time and see if it does better.

BTW, manufacturer, I'm on your email list. You could have warned me that it's being discontinued. I would have stocked up!!! Sheesh!!!
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