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Had my class today and asked my instructor to look over the things I had in my drawing pads to get her final opinion as to what she thought would be acceptable for the final portfolio. After several minutes of leafing through everything, she tells me that I need to redo several items if I want them in the portfolio.

Now, I wouldn't have minded redoing some of them earlier on in the semester if needed. I had asked her to review at midterm to see if I was on the right track. She told me at the time, that it was good and to make sure they were included in the final book.

After today's class, I have four more class sessions left with two major projects that I'm working on. Now I have to find time to rework the other pieces if I have any hope of getting a decent grade for that class.

You would think that if I was fucking up that badly, that she would have told me then that what I have is no good or at the very least, tell me what I needed to do then to make them better. Yes, this is a college level course, but it's also supposed to be "I've never picked up a pencil to draw ANYTHING in my life" class!!!

I truly CAN NOT wait for this class to be over! I already have a damned BBA, and as much as I hated some of my required classes, I have Never hated a class as much as I do this one!!!


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